JULY 28, 2010

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As we roll around to the peak of Summer, chances are you are feeling the Heat, and so are we! We're half way through our streaming video debut of Brent Corrigan's Heat! We've already had a very "educational" threesome with Brent teaching Jesse Jordan and Richie Rau a bit about making a porn. Then we had a steamy passionate fuckfest between chiseled horndogs David Townson and Shane Findley.

Now we're back and streaming scene three of Brent Corrigan's Heat, which is a duo between sexy Brent and innocent (looking) young contortionist Jesse Jordan. Now this is something you don't see everyday, folks. First Jesse demonstrates some of his flex-abilities for Brent, including bending his leg behind his back until his calf is in his face. Then Brent suggests that he should do it naked, and I think that was an excellent suggestion! Jesse then does more of his bed acrobatics, forming a bridge and doing the splits while he balances on his shoulders, all the while with his soft big dick flopping around just begging to be played with.

It doesn't take long of this teasing before Brent goes over to take full advantage of the nude circus performer. While Jesse is doing the splits, Brent climbs over and kisses him, causing Jesse's long beautiful cock to stand at full attention. Both guys are packing sizable succulent sausages which they take turns devouring eagerly before getting into some serious rimming. Once Brent's hole is good and wet, Jesse prods it a little with his long poker before stuffing it in his tight little hole. After a good scissor fuck with some nice views of both big hard cocks, Brent decides to put Jesse's flexibility to good use as he reams his bendy backside. With Jesse's ass in the air and feet and by his head, Brent stands and stuffs his long shaft straight down, deep between the freckled cutie's cheeks. After hammering him that way for a while, Brent moves Jesse onto his back at the edge of the bed where he puts his leg behind his head as he's getting pounded.

Both guys finish their Cirque Dude So-Laid performance on Jesse's chest and stomach to a standing ovation, well not really, but if you're standing at the end of this scene and ready for an encore, then check out the other streaming videos we have for you this week. These dirty boys are sure to please in 3 hot group scenes. First up is Brent Corrigan, Adam Wells, Reese Reynolds and Jacob Powell in the foursome finale of our top selling Brent Corrigan's Summit! The next act is also a foursome finale, this time from Jett Blakk's Endgame, and features Chad Hunt bottoming for the 1st time on camera for Cort Donovan, Phenix Saint, and luscious Nash Lawler. This updates' streaming scene finale, is also the final scene of our first movie, the recruiter threesome from Army Strongarm featuring Active Duty's Elijah, Trent Atkins and Logan Robbins.

Not in the mood for a duo, trio or quartet from our line-up? Check out our On-Demand Theater to see what you want, when you want, from hundreds of studios!

You'll be happy to know that we have added a new video clip! This clip features segments from the extras in the Heat DVD. These include naked Twister, Naked oil wrestling complete with masks, and some fun behind-the-scenes footage. Now you can enjoy these personal extras condensed into 2 minutes, for those days when you don't have the time or energy for a marathon stroking session. Also, video clips are great when the scene you want doesn't happen to be streaming that week. Enjoy!

We've also added some nice galleries for your viewing pleasure. The first features Brent Corrigan looking like an adorable schoolboy in glasses, tightie whities, a button shirt and a red sweater. Next time, we'll post all the rest of this set with Brent in nothing but glasses! The other gallery features the photos from the Naked Oil Wrestling bonus feature from Heat, a real treat for all of you with a fetish for masks or wrestling (you know who you are:).

Soon the Dirty Bird website will be getting a makeover, so if it looks different the next time you return, don't worry, you're still at the right place. Also, if you haven't been lately, be sure to check out all the free videos you get with your membership at our sister sites. XXX Amateur Hour recently added a scene with Barrett using his massive man-meat on twinky Justin Jameson. And at My Straight Buddy, you can see our friend Joe getting a tattoo- ON HIS DICK!

Until Next Time,

Dink Flamingo