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Jett Blakk films an entire cast of gorgeous Active Duty exclusive amateurs in this sexy tale of wrestling, gambling, and the sex trade. Starring: Brock, Kasey, Kaden, Cole, Reese, Chaz, Spencer and Domenic. Two-disk set includes extended wrestling scenes, commentary featuring Jett, Dink, & some of the actors, photo galleries, and 1 hour of behind-the-scenes!

DVD with no region coding
Running time: 120 minutes
Directed by: Jett Blakk

Cast: Kaden Saylor, Kasey, Reese Reynolds, Brock, Chaz, Cole, Spencer, Domenic

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Scene 1

Jeff (Kaden Saylor) sees a poster for an amateur wrestling bout called “Slambash” and tries to convince his friend Brian (Kasey) to do it with him. After some friendly banter about who the better wrestler is, the two end up wrestling and are spotted by Crash (Cole). Crash works with the group behind Slambash, headed by the famous wrestler King B (Brock). He invites Brian to try out for King B to be part of an underground wrestling match for 10% of the bets, and gives him a business card. Jeff encourages Brian to take advantage of this opportunity, and Brian reminds him of what they used to do after wrestling practice. Then there is a flashback to high school, in which they wrestle while stripping and touching. Brian pins Jeff and makes him suck his cock before they fuck.

Scene 2

Brian (Kasey) goes to the ring and is escorted by Crash (Cole). He watches a wrestling match in progress between King B (Brock) and Reed (Reese) and a gambler is betting on Reed. As the men wrestle, it becomes apparent to Brian that they are trying to strip each other nude. He asks Crash about this, who informs him that in King B’s Neo-Sumerian wrestling, the loser is the first man stripped nude, or to yell “uncle.” King B finally bests Reed and the gambler throws down his money and leaves. Brian goes with Crash to sign up, while Reed stays and tries to take his money and leave. King B reminds him of their deal, but Reed doesn’t want to go through with it. King B won’t take “no” for an answer, and forces him down on the mat before shoving his cock down his throat. King B fucks Reed good and hard before taking the money, including Reed’s cut, and leaving him lying on the mat.

Scene 3

Brian (Kasey) is about to sign the contract when King B (Brock) comes in and introduces himself. King B takes an uncomfortable Brian and shows him around, while Crash (Cole) is left with the unsigned contract. Then Crash goes to meet a customer who wants to wrestle him. His name is Spastic Chaz (played by Chaz), and he’s from Wild Billy’s Rodeo Wrasslers. He’s eager to drain his balls and willing to bet his ass that he can beat Crash. Crash says King B doesn’t like them giving it away for free, but decides to wrestle him anyway. Crash wins the match and then takes his prize out of Chaz’s tight little bottom.

Scene 4

As King B (Brock) continues showing Brian (Kasey) around, they enter a room where Jack Flash (Spencer) is wrestling Buzzkill (Domenic). King B corrects their technique, and then leaves them to continue wrestling. He takes Brian into another wrestling room, where he tells him how they make their money. Not only does he give them 10% of private bets, but he also whores them out and keeps 20% of the fee. Brian says he’s not for sale. “Everything’s for sale, Kid,” says King B before grabbing him in a headlock as he tries to leave. They wrestle long and hard before Brian finally gets King B to say “uncle.” After beating King B, Brian tries to leave, but King B punches him in the back of the head. He beats him until he can’t fight anymore and then forces him to suck his cock. “I’m going to take my 20% out of your ass!” King B says before he fucks Brian. Jack Flash and Buzzkill, who heard the commotion, walk in to hear King B say Brian is an awesome piece of ass that they’ll be lining up for. They question whether all they are to him is “pieces of ass to rent out” and remind him that they are trained wrestlers. King B calls them whores and tries to get them to leave, but it’s two-against-one. Then Brian comes to and it’s three-against-one. They grab King B and force his face into Brian’s crotch. “Let’s see who’s the whore now,” they say before forcing him to suck them all and then taking turns pounding his ass. Finally, they cream all over his face and chest, leaving him in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Spencer: Jack Flash
Sex: Kaden & Kasey (Part 2)
Sex: Kaden & Kasey (Part 1)
Sex: Brock & Reese (Part 2)
Sex: Brock & Reese (Part 1)
Sex: 4-way (part 2)
Sex: 4-way (part 1)
Reese Reynolds
Kaden: Jeff
Domenic: Buzzkill
Cole: Crash
Chaz: Spastic Chaz
Chaz & Cole Sex 2
Chaz & Cole Sex 1
Kasey: Brian

Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4

Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4