Jacob Powell

Let's just get it out of the way and mention the elephant trunk in the room first, now shall we? Jacob Powell's most obvious trait is the 9 plus inches that swings between his legs. It's one of the most beautifully crafted cocks ever to grace the blue screen - you couldn't see it any better if it poked you in the eye. Not just long; but thick and, naturally, throbbing. Jacob's lean sinewy body provides a strange contrast to his rather offensively large dick. Yet paired with his long, wavy rockstar hair and piercing brown eyes; Jacob is a geek lover's dream. Jacob freely admits that he's proud most might consider him somewhat of a nerd. But the truth is, we all love him all the more for it. He is a true sweetheart.

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Jake Green

The epitomy of the "sweet Jewish boy" next door, Andy is adorable and a perfect match in contrast to his scene partners.

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James Hamilton

James is one of those guys you just know you've seen before, but can't quite place where. He's weaved himself a nice, quiet career throughout the industry in such a way that one could never grow tired of him. In Endgame he delivers.

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Jamison Pierce

From Illinois, at 20 years old Jamison Pierce moved to San Diego to become a surfer boy. He took on a scene or two with Dirty Bird Pictures to buy his first surf board. His favorite places to surf in San Diego are Trestles and Sunset Cliffs. Sit with him and strike up a conversation about surfing and he'll be your best friend forever. Though, he freely admits mastering the sport has not been easy. Particularly, he says, because of all the sexy surfer studs that are a constant distraction to him in the water. He's missed countless waves because of it! He's short and thick, making him an ideal build for riding waves. Jamison insists his big dick doesn't throw him off balance at all when he's out on the surf - but we can't help but wonder how it possibly couldn't!

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Jason Crew

Jason Crew made his gay porn debut in about 2004 but has also made a number of bisexual movies during his career under the name Jason Clydesdale. He stands about 6ft 1in tall, usually tops, has a 10-inch cut cock that he can fuck himself with, brown hair and calls California home.

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Jason King

DJ has been a regular performer in Dink Flamingo's Active Duty videos for several years now and has a very large fan base. He is a bottom in his private life, but on video he's an accomplished top as well. You can always count on DJ to bring the heat to the screen.

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Jayden Grey

David got his start on Dink Flamingo's Active Duty and is another cross over model that Dink thought fit the bill for Dirty Bird Pictures. He's gorgeous with sky blue eyes and a huge cock. He's a versatile performer who is as good on top as he is on the bottom. You can find him in many Active Duty titles as well.

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Jeremy Lange

This hot little country boy is so dreamy with puppy dog eyes and a smile that could melt the entire North Pole. His Southern charm and print model looks were a perfect fit for Big Easy.

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Jesse Jordan

Brent Corrigan is one of the most talented and controversial stars to ever hit the gay adult industry. His early work gave him an industry wide stigma that followed him until Dink Flamingo decided to take a chance on the young performer and aide him in becoming one of the most sought after, prolific directors of his generation. He is a regular chart topper with several awards to his credit both as a performer and as a director. You don't want to miss anything starring or directed by this industry icon.

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Jordan Vaughn

Hot damn daddy this guy is so friggin' hot. Doesn't he just makle you want to rip your clothes off and say, "Fuck me you bald-headed mother fucker"? Yes, we thought so. Jordan Vaughn has one of the best reputations in the business and his performance is always stellar.

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JT Harris

JT Harris and Tyler Riggz were lovers when they made Hollywood Marine together, so the whole storyline was actually a bit true. We hope they distinguished reality from a porn script and didn't let the plot break them up. Tyler Riggz was at one time one of the most sought after performers in gay porn. Where is he now? Tyler if you're reading this drop us a line!

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Justice McClain

Justice is one of those guys who ends up doing adult work for the sheer fun of it. He's an absolute delight to be around. Every smile he imparts upon the world is meaningful. His happiness emanates from him and flows almost as though it might even be bottomless. His tight gym body is the perfect amount of work and genetics. It's obvious looking as good as he does is almost effortless. The sculpt of his abdomen is unique and curious. While his dick isn't huge; it's pretty. Justice loves a good challenge and takes on Jacob Powell's massive dick in a scene with gusto.

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Justin Jamison

Jayden Grey was a Grant Roy discovery. He's gone on to enjoy a popular career in gay porn. Jayden Grey's House Of Sex was his first time staring in and headlining his own DVD. He's a mid-western boy with a sweet disposition and a pretty smile. Take off his clothes and he's the boy next door ready to fuck your brains out then bend over and let you do the same. He does plenty of both in Jayden Grey's House Of Sex.

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Justin Tyler

From San Francisco, Justin Tyler is dark and brooding. He came to work with us on Brent Corrigan's Summit; sharing a lodge in Lake Tahoe with 9 other guys - including Mason Wyler. He's tall and lean with a sexy, preppy look to him. His tanned body features a handful of tasteful, well-thought out tattoos. He's a dancer with real style. Justin's unique 7 and a half inches of uncut dick completely set him apart from the rest of the boys in the cabin. Summit was his first and only adult project at 23 years of age.

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